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2015 - 2021

Today, I work as a service designer and researcher.

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Exploring opportunities to improve homeownership accessibility


Coming soon
Improving staffing and workforce planning in public schools


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Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on businesses


Coming soon
Ecosystem around property funds and investors

Direct property investment

Coming soon
Setting up a foundation to explore opportunities for care services

Aged care

2012 - 2017

I transitioned to service design by applying my design, storytelling and visual thinking skills to help facilitate a human centred approach on strategy and experience design projects.

Healthcare, Education, Transport and roads

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Coming soon
Collaboration and engagement experiments

Disability support services

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Coming soon
Graphic recording for strategy and stakeholder engagement

Culture change, Visioning, Business model redesign

2006 - 2012

I began as a student of human centred design and research.

Developing healthy eating habits to prevent obesity

Design led innovation

Coming soon
Playing-related injuries of classical musicians

Industrial design

Coming soon
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