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Preparing employees for the future of work


Building a current state customer journey

CLIENT: Learning and Development, Westpac

PROJECT: Skills for the future workforce

ROLE: Service Designer and Researcher

TIME: 3 months, 2018

As the needs and behaviours of consumers change along with advances in technology, so do organisations, the products and services they offer and the roles and skills of the people needed to work there. In order to be on the forefront of this upcoming change, Learning and Development created propositions that would support employees to build the skills needed for the future workforce. Their focus was on soft and transferable skills.

We collaborated with Learning and Development to help them better understand their customers (approx. 40,000 employees) and reframed the opportunities available to them to improve today's employee experience.

We conducted:

  • Qualitative research with employees of a broad range of role types across the company, covering topic areas such as: dealing with changes to your role and work environment, culture of working and learning at Westpac, demands on your role that prevent professional development, acquiring new skills, how future focused you are and why

  • Analysis of their existing strategy and propositions

  • Concept testing of existing ideas

We produced:

  • A reframed service vision

  • An employee segmentation model and recommendations of areas to focus and to target further research

  • New opportunity areas considering the unique aspects of the environment (e.g. organisational structure)

  • Critical evaluation of existing ideas and alignment to their strategic goals

  • Recommendations to approach piloting ideas and possible success measures

  • An employee experience journey of learning and development, anchored on customer needs

The Learning and Development team incorporated our results into their approach to pilot new initiatives.

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