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Implementing an omni-channel home loans experience


Customer experience storyboard


PROJECT: Home loans service design and implementation

ROLE: Service Designer

TIME: 4 months, 2018

Westpac are currently implementing a new home loans lending customer experience, enabled by a one bank, multi-brand operating system and new technology platform. It aims to provide customers with greater transparency and access to an omni-channel experience, including a digital application tracker, to engage with Westpac as it suits them best. The business will have a single and complete view of an individual customer, regardless of which device or channel they are connecting with.

I joined the transformation program as they were working towards the first release of the new experience of completing an application and securing a loan. Working alongside business analysts and change management, I supported the business process design by connecting it to the customer and employee experience.

For alignment and visibility, I produced a service blueprint of the customer and employee experience, with a focus on the business process as the most complicated part. It was the first end-to-end view of what the team would be delivering. Transitioning into a state where the old system, the newly built platform and paper applications were to co-exist, this release was to be a challenging and yet necessary step in Westpac's digital transformation journey.

Westpac home loans media

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