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Customer experience storyboarding workshops

I was engaged by Ernst and Young several times to support their client work with a focus on customer centric outcomes, by creating customer experience storyboards. I helped to engage their clients, articulate the experience and capture it in artefacts. Below are a few highlights.

Snippet of a hospital patient's high level customer journey

Support for patients receiving day surgery


CLIENT: Ernst and Young, Logan Hospital (Queensland)

PROJECT: Hospital services redesign

ROLE: Experience storyboarder

Logan Hospital, a large public hospital just south of Brisbane, were looking to improve the services offered to patients admitted for day surgery. Ernst and Young organised a workshop with key hospital staff members to discuss the current state experience of patients, and identify key problems and opportunities.


In the room were staff members covering each area of the hospital - nursing, administration, physio, pharmacy, anaesthesiology, surgery, etc. We walked through the hospital experience in the patient's shoes and I organised sketches on the wall. These included stages of a patient's experience, activities, people, artefacts, locations and important moments of change.

The result was a low fidelity, high level current state customer journey. Capturing the discussion visually meant each person in the room was engaged, the discussion was structured and participants felt their voices were 'heard' as I sketched and noted their thoughts. Ernst and Young displayed the poster on the hospital walls, had conversations over it and used it as a guide to prepare for their next steps.

Future state customer experience storyboard created during a workshop

Designing new experiences for the public to travel

CLIENT: Ernst and Young, QLD Government - Department of Transport and Main Roads

PROJECT: Transport services redesign

ROLE: Experience storyboarder

Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads were looking to take a human centred 

I was engaged a number of times over 6 months to support this engagement

Customer groups and scenarios included:

  • Member of the public using multiple public and private transport modes to achieve a travel goal

  • Retiree managing vehicle registration and receiving support while travelling

  • Buying and selling vehicles

Current and future state experience storyboard created during a workshop

Improving the experience of attending and working at a university

CLIENT: Ernst and Young, University of Western Australia

PROJECT: University services redesign

ROLE: Experience storyboarder

Ernst and Young we supporting the University of Western Australia to reimagine the experience of their internal and external customers. I spent time with various university staff to discuss and capture a current and future state storyboard for the customer groups. They included:

  • Prospective students applying to study

  • Academic staff applying for research grants

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