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A customer-centric approach to care services

Graphic recording output from a stakeholder workshop

CLIENT: Ernst and Young, RSL Care

PROJECT: Strategy and business design

ROLE: Customer experience storyboarder, Graphic recorder

TIME: Various engagements between 2012-2015

Ernst and Young were engaged by RSL Care, a national aged care provider, to support the transition to an organisation that placed their customers at the heart of their business. I was engaged as a graphic recorder at client workshops, to create storyboards of customer journeys and service concepts, and for various illustrations for presentations and reports.

Building customer stories

In conversation with EY consultants, I worked with their scenarios and personas to piece together several storyboards of their service concepts. To add value to the stories, I used the customer empathy map to obtain a snapshot of their persona. Initially, the storyboards focused only on the step by step process of a customer's points of contact with the aged care provider. In an effort to flesh out the storyboards and add emotion, I worked with EY consultants to brainstorm ideas about the persona's life outside of aged care and health services, such as family, hobbies and personal care. I also introduced a few elements for focus, such as a persona's 'snapshot of their future' at certain points of the story, and how engagement with the aged care provider affected this snapshot in a positive way.


By stepping out and considering their life more holistically, we created storyboards that encouraged the reader to step into the shoes of a customer and imagine how the provider could support a comfortable and happy life as a person ages.

Sketch of a future state customer's story

Constructing the content

When collecting information for storyboards, I found it valuable to first build with post-it notes. We could walk through details step by step, but also stand back and view the overall picture and major events of the story. Colour coding was also useful to identify different people.

Content of a future state customer's story

Presenting final concepts

For presentations and proposals, I would translate the post-it notes into a polished illustration to showcase the service concept and highlight the customer experience. This would show people, devices, locations, digital interfaces, and the interactions between these elements.

I found Ernst and Young's consultants to be intelligent, driven, great at ideation, quick to pick up on new ways of working and always a pleasure to work with.

Illustrated service concept

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