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Exploring relationships between people and money

Client's office filled with affinity notes and sketches

CLIENT: Tobias Australia and QSuper

PROJECT: Experience research and concept development

ROLE: Visual thinker and Illustrator

TIME: 1 month, 2014

Tobias Australia, a human-centred design studio, were engaged by QSuper, a Queensland state government superannuation fund, to developed a member experience strategy based on deep research and insights of members. QSuper's motto is 'improving retirement outcomes for members' and the project focused on helping young members become financially savvy. I was engaged to add value to the project through the visualisation of research, insights, concepts and models.

Visualisation of contextual inquiries

QSuper members were interviewed to understand their daily triumphs and struggles, considering their entire financial picture. From the affinity notes, I created a one-page visual using metaphors and icons to provide a snapshot of a member's life and finances. The images were on display in the client's office. Staff were able to browse and connect with hurdles a member was dealing with and their methods of getting by. It helped bring the walls of notes to life.

Visual summary of a contextual inquiry participant

Sketches of problem statements

Through synthesis, the Tobias Australia team built a number of problem statements to highlight issues many members were facing in their day-to-day life involving their finances. I created an illustration of each statement in preparation for an upcoming design workshop, to help staff better relate to the problem and brain storm potential solutions.

Problem statement: 'I don't know how to budget'

Problem statement: 'I need to know what my partner is doing'

One-page visual summary of concepts

Using the content created by QSuper employees during the design workshop, I created a simple A3 sketch of each idea. The challenge for myself was to show digital tools and services in a way that the reader was able tell the difference between digital and physical. As a result, the sketches became a mix of people, objects, interfaces, labels and arrows to show the flow of information or funds. Tobais Australia used the images to facilitate the conversation in user testing sessions, and I would edit the sketches as feedback from members were received.

Illustrated financial maturity model

To communicate, at a high level, the stages a member may move through financially, I created a series of illustrated storyboards. The images were used in reference as the project continued and in conversation with staff and stakeholders.

Financial maturity model

QSuper decided to keep the images and notes created during this discovery period. This project was presented by Tobias and Tobias Australia and QSuper at the UX Australia 2015 conference.

Listen to presentation audio

Tobais Australia case study

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